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The end of an employment contract is an important moment for the employer as well, as it provides an opportunity to find out the reasons for the employee's departure and learn from them.

Typically, an exit or departure event is organized to gather information about the reasons for leaving, in order to improve the company's culture and practices. 


Skilled and contented employees are a crucial asset for a company's success. If signs of departure, whether they are subtle hints or more obvious expressions, have not been recognized earlier or reacted to, the understanding gained from exit events is essential for: 

  • Identifying the reasons for departure, such as salary, benefits, and personnel policies 

  • Concrete understanding of the effects of job content and work environment on motivation and efficiency 

  • Understanding the effects of leadership styles on resignations 

  • Receiving feedback on what could have been done differently 

  • Prioritizing identified areas for improvement 

An employee's departure does not necessarily always involve negative factors. In addition to strategic and operational development targets, the results from exit events can also be used in internal and external communication. 


A chatbot can provide more answers and a deeper understanding of departure situations and reasons. The exit dialogue assesses the manager's performance, and avoids tension in face-to-face conversations.

Further increased response rates ensure reliable data that makes decision-making and prioritizing development areas easier.

The exit bot offers empathy and genuine understanding, and is particularly useful in industries with high employee turnover. 

The data obtained from conversations with the bot can be combined with existing employee data to gain a deeper understanding of the moments when motivation may have started to decline and quiet quitting emerged, for example.

The bot can reach out to the departing employee by text message, even if they have already returned their work equipment and access to their systems. 

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