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"Botteja have been a great partner in bringing to

competence development and implementation of

change management a new dimension – the bots.

The bots have been strengthening the effectiveness of the training and helping with the on-boarding of the new employee and have acted as the employees' personal coaches alongside the employees on the change journey.

In addition, it must be mentioned that it is rare to meet such a cooperative and

flexible partner as Botteja"

Bots help develop the work community

Helping and simplifying routine HR tasks, such as inducting new employees, skills development, coaching and training follow-up, work community development studies, and on the IT side, user access rights management, among others.


Four separate service bots, with real-time reporting, to assist in various HR functions.

Onboarding-bot - Case POK
Onboarding-bot was created to handle the induction of new employees.
Bot is there to manage pre-onboarding and onboarding tasks from day one. Indy the bot encourages and motivates the employee, gives practical tips, and asks questions about induction progress.

The bot also measures work satisfaction.

Work Community bot - Case HOK Elanto shops and restaurants
The Work Community bot was set up to automate engagement in work community development.
Bot asks the employees about the strengths and development targets at the office and tracks how the themes selected as development targets are released in everyday working life. Bot lightens workloads, especially for superiors, as she automatically delivers them a report regarding her group’s activities.

Follow-up bot - Case TOK
The Follow-up bot was created to ensure and track training and coaching efficiency.
Bot is a part of learning new things for employees and superiors. Bot reminds them of what they learned in coaching and follows the practical implementation of these skills. In addition to tracking, bot motivates, advises, and adds new content to already acquired know-how.

SOME-bot - Case TOK
SOME-bot handles user rights management for social media people, providing them with instructions and guidance.
Bot also automatically reports his activities each week.

Jollas instituutti


”Botteja had a genuine desire to help us serve our customers better.

Customer surveys also provided us with valuable understanding

for our product development.


Cooperation with Botteja has been professional, flexible,

and straightforward.”

Bot to support development and sales

Looking to decrease the number of calls and emails from customers and  develop more customer-oriented products and services.

Customer service bot for the Uula Color website, bot-provided data analysis, and customer surveys every six months.


On the Uula Color website, we installed a customer service bot for efficient and easy guidance and help to customers navigating the site. In addition to frequently asked questions, the customer service bot is taught current issues that customers find interesting.

We took the data that the service bot had collected and started analysing and enriching it by using surveys and personal interviews. The customer received important customer understanding and new ideas and perspectives straight from their own customers for product development, marketing, and sales.

Uula color



"We are very satisfied with Botteja's professional services.

Botteja offered us an effortless solution for customer service in the form of customer service bot.


We got service up and running effortlessly in a really fast schedule."

Bot deployed in a day

To respond easily and quickly to questions that affect the customer's purchase decision.

To decrease the number of questions to customer service.

Service bot for the website.

We implemented a simple customer service bot for the website. It only took us 24 hours from the planning session together with the customer to have the bot online and ready to go. During the first day, 5,000 customers used the service bot on the Jätskiauto website.

Jätskiauto has clear online reporting and metrics at their disposal. The reporting reveals what is going on in the customer service bot: the number of visitors, the information they are looking for, and where in Finland the bot users are located. For the Jätskiauto customer service bot, we collected the most frequently searched topics on the website and used them as ready guidelines. 

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